Leo du Pres
Josh Duhamel
Josh Duhamel as Leo du Pres
All My Children
Portrayed by: Josh Duhamel
Duration: 1999-2002 & 2011
First appearance: November 22, 1999
Last appearance: August 5, 2011
Cause/reason: Appeared as a ghost to Greenlee Smythe
Created by: Agnes Nixon
Jean Passanante
Family: Bennett family
Gender: Male
Born: June 14, 1977
Died: October 12, 2002
Cause of death: Fell over the Miller's fall with Vanessa Bennett
Occupation: Writer
Residence: 140 Calvert Street
Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents: Unknown man (father, deceased)
Vanessa Bennett (mother, deceased)
Siblings: David Hayward (paternal half-brother)
Trey Shepherd (paternal half-brother)
Marital status: Greenlee Smythe (married; 07/2002-10/2002)
Past marriage(s): Laura Kirk English (divorced; 2001-2002)
Aunts & uncles: Gwyneth Bennett (maternal)
Nieces & nephews: Babe Carey (niece, deceased)
Marissa Tasker (niece, deceased)
Leora Hayward (niece, deceased)
Oliver Castillo (nephew)
A.J. Chandler (great-nephew/adopted great-nephew)
Cousins: Frankie Stone (maternal, deceased)
Maggie Stone (maternal)
Romances: Unknown woman (lovers; 19??)
Greenlee Smythe (lovers; 1999-2000)
Laura Kirk English (lovers; 2000)
Greenlee Smythe (dated/engaged; 2000-2001)
Laura Kirk English (lovers; 2001)
Greenlee Smythe (dated/engaged; 2002)
Leonardo "Leo" du Pres was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children.

Actor History:Edit

  • Josh Duhamel (11/1999-10/2002; contract & 11/2002 & 08/2011; recurring)

Character History:Edit