Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
Lindsay Hartley
Lindsay Hartley as Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
Portrayed by: Lindsay Hartley
Duration: 1999-2008
First appearance: July 5, 1999
Last appearance: August 7, 2008
Cause/reason: Series finale
Created by: James E. Reilly
Family: Fitzgerald family
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Harmony, New England
Parents: Martin Fitzgerald
Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald
Siblings: Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald
Marital status: Ethan Winthrop Sr.
(married) [08/2008-]
Past marriage(s): Julian Crane
(invalid) [2001]
Alistair Crane
(dissolved) [2005-2008]
Jared Casey
(invalid) [2007]
Ethan Winthrop Sr.
(invalid) [2007]
Children: Ethan "Little Ethan" Winthrop Jr.
(son, with Ethan)
Jane Winthrop
(daughter, with Ethan; twin)
Sarah Winthrop
(step-daughter, deceased)
Nathan Winthrop
(step-son, deceased)
Jonathan Winthrop
Grandparents: Brian Fitzgerald
(paternal grandfather, deceased)
Unknown woman
(paternal grandmother, deceased)
Antonio Lopez
(maternal grandfather)
Maria Lopez
(maternal grandmother)
Aunts & uncles: Florencia Lopez
(maternal aunt)
Francisco Lopez
(maternal uncle)
Maria Lopez
(maternal aunt)
Nieces & nephews: Martin "Marty" Lopez-Fitzgerald
Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald
Romances: Ethan Winthrop Sr.
Julian Crane
(one night stand)
Nicholas "Fox" Crane
(lovers, deceased)
Ethan Winthrop Sr.
Alistair Crane
(he raped her, deceased)
Ethan Winthrop Sr.
Jarey Casey

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Winthrop (formerly Crane & Casey) is a fictional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Passions.

Actress History:Edit

  • Lindsay Hartley (07/1999-08/2008)
  • Priscilla Garita (2004; temp)

Character History:Edit